Tuesday, April 25, 2017
The Gadgetman Groove

A New
Technology for Gasoline Engines.

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If you believe there is more power in your gasoline than you've been using, then you're RIGHT! The EPA tells us more than 60% of the energy in your fuel is wasted.

The Gadgetman Groove gives that so-called "Waste Fuel" what it needs to burn INSIDE the engine, where you can actually get some benefit from it.

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Since March of 2009, Ron "Gadgetman" Hatton has trained this technique to more than 100 people across the country and around the world. Many of these are now making more money part-time with The Gadgetman Groove than in their day jobs. Find a Gadgetman and ask him yourself!

If you have the skills required to do an oil change and a tune-up, and an adventurous spirit, then you have all you need to learn this and change your own engines, and maybe start a business of your own. Earnings can be as high as $300 an hour.

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Gadgetman HQ
Ron Hatton
Helena, MT 59601

Gadgetman Licensing
Tracy Gallaway
Reno Nevada USA 89503

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