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The Gadgetman Groove

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The Basics

While the greatest obstacle you face is the native skepticism of the potential client, remember that you were once skeptical too. What did it take for you to become a believer? That is the question you must ask yourself, for it is in this answer the secret to your success lies. You must find a way to overcome the skepticism inherent in those with whom you share this amazing discovery.

The best way to accomplish this is by approaching someone not to gain their business, but to gain their trust. Earn a friend, and you will gain an ally. Let them know you are just learning a new technology. Give them what they need to learn about it (YouTube, guys!) and then simply ask them if they'd like to give it a try. 

You will be surprised at how many say "Sure!". Then, all you have to do is determine what they think is a fair price. Assign a "Cost" to your modification. For me, that is $110 USD. This number appears to work rather well, and lets the customer know that you are willing to invest your time with little or no profit to build your business. It also gives them the opportunity to help someone build their business.

And they will be glad they did, for you will continue to help them until they get what they expect.

This is NOT to be sold as a mileage enhancement. This is a technology that allows for tremendous increases in combustion efficiency, demonstrated in better running engines, reduced emissions, and (in most cases) bettter mileage-once they have completed the process.

And it is a process, remember that! Sometimes it takes several trips to my shop before a customer sees mileage gains. Just 'sometimes'. If you approach it as an adventure, a learning experience, then that will take the load off the prospect and turn them into helping you achieve success.

There are a few simple steps to becoming successful with The Gadgetman Groove. None are more important than Keeping Your Word. Your word MUST be your bond, and your integrity your most prized posession. Nothing less will do, and it is on this foundation that your entire future will be built. A future where you are a respected leader, as well as a successful businessperson.

The first thing you have to do is be a believer yourself. Once you are a believer, the people around you will be able to tell this and will feed off your faith, making it easier to try out your services. And that is all you need with The Gadgetman Groove, for it will, in time, deliver on everything your clients can expect. Once THEY are believers, too, they will run into the distance, telling all they meet about how you helped them and their engines run better, cleaner, stronger and last longer.

That is how I built Gadgetman Technologies, by following the Three Rules of Being a Gadgetman.

  1. Do the mods. 

  2. Do the MODS. 


Notice how that works. When you perform this modification, you will see the results, giving you a little more faith with every application. And Faith is a truly powerful muscle. The more you exercise it, the more powerful it becomes. So, Do the mods.” YOU need the experience.

Do The Groove first on your own engines. After you see how they respond, you will then be ready to approach your friends. How they respond to your offering will depend on how you've shown yourself to them in the past. If you are a person who has lived a life of high integrity, you will have little resistance to having a few “test cases”.

Offer the modification at a reduced price to the first five or so, and choose them based on what you know to be the most powerful respondents, the engines that have responded well in most cases. (check into the Videos on YouTube) This is going to give you what you need to build your confidence: Success. Each success will build your confidence further and THAT commodity is VITAL to your success. Wimpy Gadgetmen simply do not succeed!

Now, you are feeling the power. With a few successes for people outside your home, you now have allies, people nearby that will testify to your ability as well as the effects of The Gadgetman Groove. So, “Do the MODS.” Your FRIENDS need the experience.

As you continue to serve your community, you will begin to be the center of something new, something wonderful, as people begin to brag about what you've done. People will begin to seek you out, hearing of your success from your previous clients. And, when you serve them with the first goal of Service to Mankind, they will feel your passion and be more than happy to pay you a fair wage for such a tremendous gift. So, “DO THE MODS!” so you can get to Rule Number Four: GET PAID!

Now, after you've laid the foundation for your new business enterprise, you are ready for some help. No matter how you decide to promote your business, if it's successful, then be sure to come back to me, and let me know about it! I will share it with your brothers and sisters and we can ALL benefit from your wins!

Share freely your successes as well as your failures. I promise you we will all be glad you did, and your life will be richer for your efforts.

Do you have something to share that will benefit your new family? Then TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Now, let's look at some other things that we have used to promote our success.

YouTube Videos

In all the world, I believe YouTube to be the most vital resource for anyone with a message to get out. When we record our customers' response to The Gadgetman Groove in video format, then they have the opportunity to share their story with EVERYONE who has access to the World Wide Web.

Start your OWN channel as soon as you can. One video becomes two. Two becomes ten. Ten becomes hundreds, and they are ALL available for you to use to promote YOUR business, in your own neighborhood! So, USE THEM TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS!

Right now, I am aware of several channels dedicated to spreading word about The Groove. The URLs, and the Gadgetmen responsible for the channel follow: (I HIGHLY recommend Subscribing to every channel listed, and to check the box to receive E-mail Updates when you do!)


Ron Hatton, Founder

(also http://www.YouTube.com/GroovyServiBulletins)

http://www.YouTube.com/GadgetmanFingerlakes Nick Reitter, Avoca, New York

http://www.YouTube.com/GadgetmanTwinCities Joe Sundeen, Minneapolis, Minnesota

http://www.YouTube.com/GadgetmanNebraska1 Aron Cheek, Kennard, Nebraska

http://www.YouTube.com/GadgetmanCentralOhio Travis Young

(If you start your own channel, or know of one I've missed, then TELL ME NOW and I'll put it up here for us ALL to use!)


I have done many layouts for flyers. Some successful, some not so productive. As I am the founder, my word carries a lot more weight in the community, so I will only show that which the other Gadgetmen have used to promote their business.

Of course, each flyer should be designed according to your own particular needs. You know your people, your market better than anyone else, so trust yoruself. The designs I show here are only for your IDEA machine. Have yours professionally designed if you like, but ABOVE ALL make CERTAIN the information is ACCURATE and UNDER-PROMISES. That makes the actual experience MUCH more powerful!

Right now, we're just getting this library started. If you have something to add, then SEND YOUR IDEA TO ME. I'll share it back.