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The Gadgetman Groove should be viewed as an experiment in all cases. This means that we cannot predict the results with any accuracy. After more than 2,000 modifications, the only thing we can say for sure is that The Gadgetman Groove generates better combustion in any engine with a butterfly-style throttle plate.

This results in more power in virtually every case, once the vacuum system has been addressed. In other words, correcting the integrity of the intake manifold is paramount to receiving maximum gains. If the modification is done by you as the owner of the vehicle, you must be willing to approach this issue with a “Never say Die!” attitude.

Some systems will not see gains due to design considerations of the intake system. Usually, they fail to see gains in mileage because of a vacuum leak. Occasionally, it winds up caused by malfunctioning sensors or even something as simple as a bad fuse. Almost every time, once the customer has done the necessary work on the vacuum, the gains almost always appear.

So, the long and the short of it is we cannot guarantee any results. What we do is offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It goes like this:

If, at any time within 6 months after the service, you are unhappy with your modification,

we will refund all monies paid for your modification.*

*(reversing the modification is required.)

The reasons for this are simple.

1-It takes time for the computer to adjust. Sometimes as many as 5 tanks of fuel, depending on your drive cycles.

2-This allows the time necessary for the owner of the vehicle to find and correct for any mechanical problems that might exist (as in gaskets, leaky vacuum lines, and faulty sensors).

3- Reversing the mod is required to eliminate those who choose deceit rather than honesty. If you don't like it, you want your car back the way it was, right?

So, if we did your modification through the mail, you'll need to send it back. We'll refund the cost of the mod and pay for the return shipping. Pretty simple, yes?

To set your mind at ease, we have only had 7 requests for refunds in more than 1500 applications. All were refunded within days of the procedure being reversed.

Even McDonalds has a higher return rate!

If you have any more questions, you can always Email Ron.

One thing more... You might want to consider learning the technology. If you like what you see, we will even help you start your own business, getting all your friends and family 'In The Groove'!

If that's the case, then you'll probably want to know about The Personal License Program!

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