Additional Fuel Saving Technologies

There are tons of people out there, all developing their own methods of increasing fuel efficiency. Here you will find what we have PERSONALLY TESTED and offer our full endorsement.

From proprietary product to fuel catalysts, you will find many many things to help in your quest for maximum increases from your effort.

All these are HIGHLY recommended in addition to The Gadgetman Groove for enhancing your results.

If you've got minimal skills, you can learn to Do The Groove yourself.
Look into getting your Personal License today,
and I will give you all you need to be a complete success.

What follows here are technologies that I have personal experience with and found beneficial to our common purpose: gaining more power from your fuel. If you know of a technology that you have found successful, then let me know. I will take the next step and do my best to check out the technology and report on it here.

Here's what we'll be talking about:

1) RVS Micro Cellular Ceramics

Justin Clark has the license to distribute this technology and it is AWESOME!!!

2) FuelSaver-MPG's EFIEs

Mike Kehrli's line of Electronic Controls for enhanced fuel efficiency-

The most reliable man in the industry!

3) AMSOIL Products

Distributed by our Faithful Friend Tom Bennett




I have the distinct honor to present to you Justin Clark and his RVS,
and engine restorative.

While I have just started testing it in a burnt-out 76 350 Small Block, the initial results are more than impressive. They were ASTOUNDING, taking two dead cylinders with 30 and 60 PSI compression to more than 150, and did it INSTANTLY.

If you are looking at replacing an engine that is partially worn out, I cannot recommend this product strongly enough. And if you email Justin, tell him you heard it from Gadgetman and he'll give you a 10% discount on your order!

Image links to his site.
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Fuel Saver-MPG's EFIE

I have personally installed several of these units on everything from Toyotas to Pontiacs and beyond. What impressed me more about Fuel Saver was Mike Kerhli himself. After following his relationship with various clients over a period of three years, he has established himself as a genuine and caring developer.

He will do whatever it takes to see you get everything you expect, and more.

Check out their Quad Digital EFIE Basic

I personally guarantee you will be happy.

Mike has also developed several other technologies to allow for greater personal modulation of various sensors.

Be sure to check out his MAF/MAP adjuster, as it is the ONLY one I know of that will work on both the analog style and those blasted Freq based MAPs on Ford Products!

AMSOIL products by Tom Bennett

 There are woefully amazingly few products out there for the general public
that have the history of success and the reputation accompanying
only the finest in customer service as AMSOIL.

If you're curious as to what using Amsoil can mean for your engines

(ALL of them!)

Watch this 72 second video

When it comes to Customer Service,
product knowledge
and just plain concern for the client,
you can look for a long time before finding someone as honest
and caring as Tom.

I recommend ALL the Amsoil Products,
and I recommend Tom Bennett based on my very long history of dealing with him.

CLICK HERE to visit his page at

If you're already familiar with Amsoil products and are ready to save some money,
Email Tom directly and mention Gadgetman to save 15% off your order.


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