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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Gadgetman

Who can become a "Gadgetman"?

Anyone, male or female, who has a basic understanding and ability to perform light maintenance on a vehicle (such as an oil change or tune-up) can become a Gadgetman or Gadgetgal We choose Integrity over Mechanical Aptitude ANY TIME!

What does it cost to become a Gadgetman?

A License to apply The Gadgetman Groove for profit is only $5,000. This price includes training. If you have that amount lying around, then we'll throw in the bits at no charge. If not, then we have several different financing options available.

How much can I make as a Certified Gadgetman?

The modification costs $350 to $500, and takes something less than an hour to perform.

Are there any monthly costs to stay a Gadgetman?

No. If you don't make money, then we don't make money!  All we ask is that you submit your modification reports.  Share what you've learned and experienced on our website through the forum.  We get many inquiries regarding our successes (and failures!) and we need your information posted online as references.

What about the training? How long does it take?

The training takes three days. We cover everything you need to know from fuel chemistry through the years through engine functions and the various systems and how they work. Then we teach the science behind the function of The Gadgetman Groove and how it affects the combustion process. Day two you get actual hands-on training applying the modification and Day Three we talk about what you experienced and go through the business aspects.

What if I can't come to Gadgetman for the training?

We have found that those who have tried to apply this technology without proper training do not do well. So, we do not offer a remote learning program. However, if you're in the Continental US and can gather other interested parties, we will bring the training to you! Of course, the Personal License Program is always an option!

I'm ready to join the team. What do I do now?

Submit the Gadgetman Request Form, and we'll be in touch to make the arrangements! Welcome to Gadgetman Land!

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