Sunday, April 23, 2017
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I'm LOVING all the new ideas and energy around here lately!

22 Mar 2017 09:09 #1 by heysoundude
The Forum and the interchange of ideas and discussion of concepts lately is quite energizing and exciting to me...thanks everyone for bringing yourselves, your knowledge and experience to our wee corner of the interwebs.
23 Mar 2017 17:25 #2 by TracyG
Indeed, Dr. Dude! It's Morning in here again, the warmth of the energy and new ideas is refreshing indeed.

I've been busier with inquiries, PL Kit and Groove By Mail alike, than ever before. I'm taking a short break in a Groove By Mail job right now, waiting for some epoxy to set up. I'm going to apply the Dimples to this VW Jetta TB, this is my first use of them, I'm excited by the potential results!

Getting better with the Groove, all the time! :woohoo:

Tracy G

Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
Mood Elevator
Gadgetman Reno, NV
24 Mar 2017 19:27 #3 by Vernie
The more we put out, the more will come back to us that enables us to put out more. Nature always does its magic that way that it is sustainable all the time. :)

The more we inspire people, the more we become inspired by their positive experiences.
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