Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Ron Hatton Interviewed on TV, explains the Gadgetman Groove!

30 Mar 2017 17:28 #1 by TracyG
Here's Ron Hatton, being interviewed by Brian LaMoure, On Helena Civic Television channel program Community Pulse. In this interview, Ron explains in outline form, the Gadgetman Groove's basic principles of operation. The Interviewer, Mr LaMoure, does a good job of asking basic questions. Ron does a Great job of answering the questions. This is from HCT's youtube channel, and was filmed just a few days ago.

Brian LaMoure, was impressed enough by Ron, that he then had Ron apply the Groove to Brian's '07 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L V8 Vortec TB!!! :woohoo: :lol:

Note that Ron had to have surgery on his right hand recently--see the cast? Ron did this Groove job with his hand in a CAST!! :blink: And was Successful!

So, watch this gem of an Interview. good to see you on youtube again, Ron! This gets my Thumbs UP!!

sorry, bad pun intended! :lol: :P

Tracy G

Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
Mood Elevator
Gadgetman Reno, NV
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31 Mar 2017 12:36 - 31 Mar 2017 12:41 #2 by heysoundude
That was a great interview!
I hope he does a follow-up on the result of his truck getting modded: The day after Ron Grooved it, the interviewer was scheduled to take a road trip to Arizona. It's 1000miles each way...plenty of time for the computer to learn
31 Mar 2017 13:59 #3 by TracyG
Yes that WAS a great Interview! Ron, you will have to gently prod Mr. LaMoure on his results post-Groove! A long trip like that will be revealing! ;)

Tracy G

Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
Mood Elevator
Gadgetman Reno, NV
05 Apr 2017 22:51 #4 by 03FocusZX3
That interview barely scratched the surface. I hope Ron gets invited again for more in-depth discussions about some of those topics mentioned.

They really covered a handful of topics but briefly. My be we could contact that local TV station to ask to bring Ron back. It could be a regular appearance covering in depth a different aspect of engine efficiency. Could be a series with Ron, like once a month or something.
Just thinking here.
06 Apr 2017 02:52 #5 by Gadgetman
Thank you for your comments.

I'm game for another show! It appears the camera likes me, and the story needs to be told. One idea I'm playing with is a regular show. They're willing to give m the airtime, but it won't be on primetime (unless we have a good viewership).

To share your comments with the TV Station, go to and share with them your thoughts. I'm sure they'd be pleased to hear from you all!

And share these forums, along with , with all your friends and family. There's a TON of stuff, not just for Groovy vehicles but for almost EVERY gasoline engine in both places.

And if you haven't been to the Diagnostics blog, you've been missing out on a lot of good stuff!

Ron Hatton

The Developer of The Gadgetman Groove
The Buck Stops HERE!
06 Apr 2017 18:32 #6 by 03FocusZX3
Hey Ron, if they are willing to give you airtime - this is NO BRAINER.

It will be non-prime time for a while, so what? In the age of the internet, this is no big deal.

You could get in depth with any subject at your own pace, bring in "special guests" for their input, interview with specialists, have charts, graphics, examples, footage from "the field", demonstrations, submitted questions from public, you name it, etc. etc. etc.

Seriously consider it Ron.
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