Sunday, April 23, 2017
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08 Feb 2017 19:36 #13 by Gilb62
Hi Joshua
Welcome!! I received my kit on Monday and like you amreading what I can. I also need to get the flex shaft. Additionally, I am going to get a throttle body to practice on.
Take Care
08 Feb 2017 20:05 #14 by Gilb62
Hi Tracy
I received my kit on Monday. Thank you for that. I need to get a flex shaft and a TB to practice on. I've been reading the info and would like to do the PCV mod. Is there any pics?
08 Feb 2017 21:16 #15 by TracyG
Well Gilb62, you can look thru the Index first. I don't have any certain one to recommend, but we've been talking and doing that mod for years.

The direct way, is: find the PCV valve on your engine, the the crankcase breather hose. Trace the PCV hose from the PCV valve to the man. vacuum source. It's about finding, ID'ing and understanding the function of all parts. This is the key to this mod, being able to look at an engine,identifying the parts, then understand the function of everything.

PCV systems work the same, but there are SO many different engines and configurations. And- most will have the PCV valve mounted to the crankcase, and hose-connected to the manifold vacuum source. A few, will instead have the PCV valve mounted direct to the man. vacuum source, and a hose going to the crankcase outlet hose nipple. (Like my Subie does.)

The key for me is, first find the PCV valve itself. Then I determine the crankcase Breather hose configuration. I then check the hose I.D. sizes to see if they match. Then I can figure out hose routing, hose length and size, and tee and hose size adapters if needed.

So- Locate and ID the components. Verify the function of each. Determine needed parts. Execute.

BTW, today parts stores are usually well-stocked with fuel and heater hoses, hose adapters, tee's,vinyl caps, clamps, etc. etc.

IF you get stuck at any point, take pics, then post here and ask questions.

But pick an appropriate posting Category, and start a new message thread. Like, Ford for Ford's, Foreign Manufactured for Honda, OR one of the Tech type ones for a tech issue, etc. ;)

thanks, Todd! :)

Tracy G

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