Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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4.6l 4x4 F-150

13 Apr 2017 13:10 #1 by heysoundude
Now that Spring has Sprung, I can get to putting a groove on my buddy Reed's daily driver.
I've had a TB since the fall for this, so I got down to putting the groove on and found it took the large bit like a champ.
And with such a thick piece of brass for the butterfly, it made for an ideal candidate for some downstream edge shaping.
13 Apr 2017 13:22 #2 by heysoundude
The remove/replace process was straightforward.
While I was at it, I discovered that the PCV port on the manifold needed a HUGE 3/4" heater bypass cap to complete the re-route.
Took care of that, buttoned it all back up and turned the key to start the re-learn process.
As it was warming up (and after the IAC got itself sorted out), Reed noticed and mentioned that it sounded different: smoother.
I smelled the tailpipe, and it was definitely warm and moist. Then I took it for a drive, and found it didn't need much throttle input to GO!

When I was done, I brought it back for Reed to take out on his own. I smelled the tailpipe and while it wasn't quite as clean as a dryer vent, the gas smell had definitely been reduced, it was still putting out moist warm air. I turned it off, then had Reed get in for his first drive.

He turned the key and strapped in and noted that it seemed to be starting quicker and easier.

Here's the video of him coming back from that first spin:
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