Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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RVS Friction Proofer

29 Dec 2016 13:02 #1 by TracyG
Hey guys, I wanted to point out that as a recommended part of our system we advocate RVS Technology friction treatment products. In the green bar on top of the home page here is the Fuel Savers tab at far right end. You click that, then scroll down to the RVS link.

Ron found this product line a few years ago and was instantly impressed with it. I and Greg, (Heysoundude) have both used it too. This is a near-Miracle product, it works!

Here is the link to the RVS page.


The email link to Justin Clark is dead, but the store link goes to an Amazon online store, so it's available in different application forms there.

While these products aren't cheap, they certainly are worth the cost, in my opinion. Check it all out! :woohoo:

Tracy G

Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
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29 Dec 2016 14:17 #2 by heysoundude
Yes, RVS is wonderful stuff for sure. For engines it restores tolerances in the cylinders for better compression, and thus, better combustion, but in my opinion it should be added to the entire power train to minimize parasitic losses: if we can get more of the power produced by an engine to move a car by minimizing a small percentage of friction or play in parts, then we'll use less fuel in the long run and that's good for the bank account AND the planet. So optimizing engine efficiency, plus optimizing power transfer makes for a great start before we apply The Groove.
Don't forget to mention to Justin that you heard about it here for a Gadgetman discount!
29 Dec 2016 16:34 #3 by TracyG
Right, and RVS can be done before OR after the Groove is done. That's true of other mods like the Spark Plugs re-gap. I had a customer do his plugs 2 years after I Grooved his TB, and he was all excited all over again.


Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
Mood Elevator
Gadgetman Reno, NV
29 Dec 2016 22:37 #4 by heysoundude
Absolutely, great point!
It might even be better to apply the treatment after grooving and relearn: as the treatment takes hold, the computer wiould have to make smaller adjustments, lowering the chance of codes getting thrown. And if you've opened up your plug gap for the relearn and haven't gotten 30% or greater gains in mileage, tightening tolerances up in the power train might make that really take hold nicely as engine compression improves etc.
30 Dec 2016 01:43 #5 by merculiv
Going to put some on order in about a months time. After tax returns. Going to do both of my vehicles with the RVS. I see there one for light diesels and of course my six cylinder gas.

This should be a good test after 127 thousand miles.
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