Sunday, April 23, 2017

Craftsman Mower, Tecumseh engine, Grooved, Nano-coiled!

04 Apr 2017 17:23 - 04 Apr 2017 17:25 #1 by TracyG
Ok, so I Grooved the carb. on my Craftsman mower 5 years ago. I had previously put an E-3 spark plug in years before. The E3 plug had improved hard starts. The Groove, was the first or second one I'd ever done to an operating engine, and it helped the mower too.

2 days ago I made my first copper Nano-coated coil for the plug wire. It's squeezed in the plug boot, touching both the plug tip and the plug wire's coil shaped wire terminal.

I just used the mower in a tough way. I wanted to mow a big patch of young weeds down low as possible. I set the wheels to the lowest setting. The engine started on the first pull, and this in low 60's outside temps, with last summer's gas in the tank. Usually in this temp and old gas situation, it would need carb. clean on the air filter to start, often with a few pulls.

IT fired up instantly without any starting fluid on the air filt. Also, I had it set so low it was scalping the ground, picking up a lot of top soil. So the engine was under fairly high loading.

the result- this mower has never ran so well and strong. Plus I didn't notice the usual strong exhaust smell. IT's as if the mower had gained substantial power, and had better "run-ability"

I doubt I'll get any fuel economy info w/ my mower. I just buy one gallon of gas, that usually does the whole season! But the power, and ability to support an engine load, definitely seems much improved. Plus the cleaner exhaust.

I certainly think the copper nano-coated plug wire coil made a big difference! :cheer: ;) IF my mower is any indication, then the "K-coils" as I'll call them work!

Here's my pics from the other night of making the coil, and two of the back lawn/weed patch. The weed patch is the scalped area to the right of the lawn.

IF you have a small gas engine- get the carb. Grooved, regap the spark plug, and add the K-coil!! :evil:

Tracy G

Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
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Gadgetman Reno, NV
05 Apr 2017 22:30 #2 by 03FocusZX3
Tracy, sounds very interesting.
So, what would be the next step, try these coils on a car's plugs and wires? I hope someone tries it on a small 4 cylinder.
06 Apr 2017 12:38 #3 by heysoundude
I'm planning on trying them on my electrical charging and storage system (alternator and battery) before I get into ignition. If the electrics work better, the car will work better - the plasma energy will be present, flowing, in use at the foundation of the car. systemic upgrade rather than a targeted one.
07 Apr 2017 02:46 - 07 Apr 2017 02:48 #4 by TracyG
03Focus, yes of course. I'm trying it on my old 68 Dodge 383 pickup next. I'm only doing the coil wire into the center cap socket. We see that from what Vernie has shared, it should be applicable to most any spark ignition. Various plug wire designs, and COP, will need different configurations.

Dr Dude has a good point there, I should try it for the charging system too.

Tracy G

Tracy Gallaway
Carburetor Coach
Mood Elevator
Gadgetman Reno, NV
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