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Shipping Instructions


How to get the most from this process...


  • Contact us first and let us know what you would like to do.  We will find a Certified Gadgetman who is nearest your area and get you connected with him.
  • He will give you further mailing instructions, and provide all the tech support you will need for removal and replacement of your throttle body to get the most benefit from your modification.
  • All orders must be prepaid. USPS Money Orders included with the shipment are okay. Personal checks and bank drafts are not. These must clear before your order is processed. I recommend using Paypal for your protection.
  • Be prepared to follow these instructions should you wish to get the most from The Groove.
  • Remove your ORIGINAL throttle assembly and prepare it as follows. (If you choose to send a salvage yard part, you will be taking the risk, and I will not be responsible for it working on installation. In this case, install the used part before sending the original.)
  • Clean your Throttle Assembly of all built-up grease. Leave the air passage alone. Just clean the outside. 
  • Package the cleaned unit, stuffing the box tightly with newspaper around your part. (TB's that are damaged during shipment are most commonly caused by the repositioning of Styrofoam Peanuts.  Newspaper will not do this.) PACK YOUR PARTS WELL!!!
  • Include a piece of paper in the top of the box with the following information: (make sure I can read your writing!)
    • Year, make, model, engine size and number of miles on your vehicle (or hours on your industrial engines)
    • Your full name and full address.
    • Your contact information (cell phones and e-mail address)
    • MPG in City/Hwy (or per tank if that's how you do it)
    • List any modifications the system currently has that may affect the mileage. This includes any electronics added to the system as well as cold air intakes and many, MANY others.
    • It's also helpful to us to know how you first heard about Gadgetman Technologies, if you can remember.
  • Send the Modhouse a note letting us know when to expect the package. When you're ready, or if you need special arrangements, CLICK HERE.


All customers are protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, as they have since day one.

With all mail-in mods, you have 30 days Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee from date of delivery.
*Reversal of the procedure is required*

We are completing modifications in 24 hours most days, although (on rare occasions) it may take 48 hours to complete.

No matter what, you are sure to have a more powerful, cleaner running vehicle and


Ron Hatton, Gadgetman Technologies.

If you would like to learn this amazing technology for as little as $500,

Look into the Personal License Program now!

(Since I figured this out in my driveway, I can probably teach you to do it in yours.)