Terms and Conditions for becoming a Certified Gadgetman

The heart and soul of the Certified Gadgetman program is the integrity of the family of Gadgetmen around the world. It is our belief that most people are inherently good and honest people, and our agreement leaves the decision up to you as to what you feel is “Proper Conduct” for someone offering such a service.

Of course, if the people you serve, your customers, disagree, then you will need to make some adjustments to your business model. So long as your customers feel you're doing good service, and you're honoring your agreements with Gadgetman Technologies, then you'll do just fine.

Should you begin having problems with your modifications OR your business, we have a support team ready to help in any way you need. This will come in various forms, from advertising and flyers to technical documents to the most valuable of all: the reports from other Gadgetmen from all over the planet.

You will be expected to login once a month and complete a report on your activities. This is to include all modifications, monies charged, and the results of each modification as they become available.

Of course, the people you serve will be reporting on you as well! This is where you gain in Gadgetman Ranking. The higher your ranking, the more referrals you receive. The more referrals you serve, the higher your rank.

It's a wonderful circle where the better your service, the greater your rewards. All you have to do is the best you can and keep your word to be truly successful as a Certified Gadgetman.

This is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. While the immediate income is great ($200 or more an hour!), in any business you have to work first, and stick to it in order to succeed. The harder you work, the more successful you will be, and we will do all we can to help. You have to plant the seeds, water and nurture your garden before you can taste the fruits!

Your job is to take the time to do your studying, do at least 6 modifications before you decide how well it works, and serve the public in the most honorable and ethical manner possible.

I am here to help. So is every other Gadgetman on the PLANET!

You will be glad to be a part of our team.

I promise.

Now, if you want to hear something exciting, we are releasing the Personal License Program so can earn while you learn the technology, and maybe use this as a springboard for a business of your own. AND you can get started for as little as $400!

For more information, visit the page on The Personal License Program and then devide if it's the best way for you!

To see hpow many people we have out there doing The Groove, look at the countries we have licnese holders in!

Contact Info

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Gadgetman HQ
Ron Hatton
Helena, MT 59601

Popup Module

This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.