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Ron Hatton

Developer of The Gadgetman Groove



Ron Hatton

Developer of The Gadgetman Groove


Ron is the developer of The Gadgetman Groove, and founder of Gadgetman Technologies.

After a prolonged leave, he has relocated to Helena, Montana, and is spearheading the release of the technology in Montana.


Coming from a long line of Kentucky hillbillies, he grew up learning to make the best of what you got, and if possible to make things a little better in all respects.


Now dedicated to seeing The Gadgetman Groove applied to all gasoline engines, he lives following a simple mantra. “Everybody wins, or we don't play!”


A big “God Guy”, he credits God for the joy he's experienced and recommends to us all to “Smile for a stranger today. You will both be glad you did.”




Jesse Denson

Chief Information Officer



Jesse Denson

Chief Information Officer


Jesse is a web developer and computer engineer, who works as a consultant as his day job from his home in Ridgely, Tennessee.


Jesse has dedicated untold hours and spent many sleepless nights re-engineering GadgetmanGroove.com. His work on the website is the reason we are setting new standards for functionality and flow on the world-wide web.


Jesse is also one of the many people on the planet working on alternative energy sources, and is the designer of the Hydrogen Rocket Body Pack engine.


Critical to our success, we look forward to working with him as we expand our operations on a global level.



We are absolutely dedicated to building a society of, by, and for the people,

and to providing a central location for everyone that is working on

increasing the world's access to cutting-edge energy related technologies

and reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels.


Are you interested in or working on making a positive impact on this planet?

Then you will be welcome here in Gadgetman Land where we deliver technologies that can quite literally change the world.


If you're a tinkerer, then we invite you to

become a member of the family and join our Forum Discussions

about all technology that can help achieve our goal of energy independence.


Make a difference.


Get Grooved now!

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