The Power of Words.

I’ve always been a writer, and have been happy to share with folks such wisdom as God’s seen fit to divest to me, but I’ve never done a blog, so here we go!

The first thing I would like to tell you guys (that means whoever it is that finds my words!) is in the power of your words. The Bible and many other religious texts warn us about the power of an “unbridled tongue”.

I hope to write a book one day in honor of my Granny Samples.

Here’s why…

One day, I was at her little home in the mountains of Kentucky as a young man. About 12 or 13 years old, I was just being a boy, hanging around the kitchen (she was making my favorite apple fritters!) when all of a sudden, she smacked me on the head! And she used her knuckles, so it DEFINITELY caught my attention!

“Ow, Granny! What did you do that for?” I asked her. She said: “If you ain’t got nothin’ GOOD to say, keep ya damn mouth SHUT!”

Then, she smacked me AGAIN!

“What was THAT for???”

“So you’d REMEMBER!”

It worked.

Now, after about four decades, I have learned the truth in her words. It was country speech for the Bible’s so many phrases related to the power of words. Mostly in cautionary tones and warnings, but the power is clearly discussed.

I’m going to be talking a LOT about this over time, but here’s what I learned. There is GREAT power in sound. When you speak, it sets things in motion. Things that are either good, or they are bad. The key to determining the result is in the words you choose to use.

God spoke the entire universe into being. As we are created in His image, that means we have some of the same powers, should we learn to use the laws He put into place.

“Laws.” Not “Theories.” Like the law of Gravity, it doesn’t matter your faith. Take a Muslim, a Baptist and a Buddhist and drop them off the top of a tall building. They will all hit the ground at the same time.

It is your WORDS that have created the life you’re living in now. Your words today will create the world in which you live tomorrow.

So the next time you want to scream at that guy that cut you off, or feel like retaliating against someone who doesn’t fully understand the power of words, OR the results of the energy they share, remember Granny Samples’ advice.

“If you ain’t got nothing GOOD to say, KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!”

(or else!)

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