Our Guarantee

The Gadgetman Groove

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Since 2009,
The Gadgetman Groove has provided amazing benefits
for tens of thousands of people the world over.

Based on science, and science being predictable,
it simply works every time.
But sometimes there are issues beyond our control.

When these things occur, we do everything in our power
to make it right.
When we can’t, we got your back.

We are proud to offer and stand behind a
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here are the terms on that:

ONE: Follow The Instructions
When you receive the throttle body,
it comes with an instruction sheet.
You must have followed all the instructions.
If you have, and the results are either less than
we promised OR you expected,
contact us immediately
and we will help you solve any issues you may have. Troubleshooting and recommended service
actions are included at no additional charge.

Your success equals our success, and we know it.

TWO: 60 Days:

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the benefits of The Gadgetman Groove on your particular engine
and you decide you would like a refund,
contact us via email at
explaining the situation.
If you have followed all our instructions,
we will provide an address
to which you should send the
disappointing throttle body.

It must arrive in our shop
no more than 60 days
from the date it was originally shipped from our facility.

(International clients will be afforded additional time.)

THREE: No Damages

If upon receipt we find the throttle body as it was shipped (no missing/swapped parts or damages) we will issue a credit back to your form of payment. If paid other than a credit or debit card, we will issue a check for the amount of purchase in full, including shipping charges, and post it to the address we have on file.


FOUR: Replaced Shipments

Should there have been an issue on the original Grooved throttle body (It happens!) and a replacement was issued, the 60 days will not begin until the shipment of the final throttle body.


That’s all there is to it!

We are proud to follow biblical principles in our business.
That means we intend to bless every one of our clients
far beyond their investment.
This is why we have a customer satisfaction rating at over

You see, if you don’t feel
we earned every penny of your investment,
we don’t want your money.

That just wouldn’t be fair.

And if you ever need help identifying an issue,
we will help out for the price of a phone call.
we are happy to help
no matter your challenge.

Bear in mind
The Gadgetman Groove
has never been evaluated, tested or
(least of all!)
approved by any agency or corporation.

And I don’t really care if they ever do.
It is enough for us to offer
technology to the world
that actually benefits the people
and the planet.
(Something they appear to have little concern for.)

And my tricks may be considered
“Hillbilly Magic”
but they work.

That’s what really matters.

Now, if you’ve read enough and are satisfied,
how about getting back to
getting YOUR Groove On?