100% Pure Snake Oil by Gadgetman 5 to 8 Qt. Systems


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What started with a thought some thirty years ago when I heard about some stuff called “Slick 50” never fully departed. On the 29th of July, as chance would have it, I was speaking with a man who sent me to a site. A mis-typed URL, and I wound up doing some patent searches on someone else’s product when it hit me: “They’re doing it all WRONG! If I do it THIS way, and use THIS stuff, this is going to be AMAZING!!!”

And the method of manufacture was formed inside my mind.

While I made a batch on the kitchen stove (Loreta was NOT happy!) and saw some AMAZING results, making it in quantity was the issue. That, consistency of product, packaging, worldwide shipping, and the proper tools were all to be decided.

It’s ALL DONE!!!

This is truly SPACE-AGE stuff! It’s called by names such as “Triboceramic” and “Nanotechnology”, and it’s technical name is Hexagonal Boron Nitride or hBN. It bonds instantly to all metal surfaces inside your engine, and when it is on a friction-bearing surface, it gets hard enough to SCRATCH DIAMONDS! It will literally END metal-to-metal wear on EVERYTHING inside your engine, standard transmission… ANYWHERE you use ANY kind of oil, it will cause you to GENUINELY grin!

For those interested in doing some research, I invite you to check out the WOWSER properties on Wikipedia.

Here’s a partial list of what you can expect to happen:

    • Improve Compression
    • Clean All Surfaces
    • Plates All Surfaces over 90% as Hard as Diamonds!
    • Reduce Friction
    • Safely Extend Oil Life by 2 to 4 TIMES!
    • Cooler Operating Temperatures

To name a few.

I fully expect this product to be the HOTTEST SELLING ITEM IN MY HISTORY!

I can ship as many as 10 doses in a single container (only 5 for international clients) and shipping is a measley $7.90 for all Domestic Orders. And for a limited time, I am making DOUBLE STRENGTH DOSES for both the 5 to 8 quart AND the Small Engine applications, too!

Comes in an easy-to-use 10 ml syringe. Just add it into your oil at the next oil change and watch the MIRACLES HAPPEN! Bear in mind this is a NEW PRODUCT, and while I have made every effort to ensure the highest quality, there are no refunds, and no warranty of any kind.


Spend $100 or more and get FREE SHIPPING!
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Testimonials are already coming in!

1) 1999 Dodge Dakota-3.9L-174,000 Miles
“Increased Oil Pressure by over 10 PSI!”

2) Applied to a New DeWalt 80 Gallon 10 HP Compressor
“Cut Recharge Time by ~20%!”

3) 2006 Acura-135,000 Miles
“It’s ALREADY Running Better!” (after only 5 minutes.)

4) “A few day’s ago I received some Snake Oil from Ron. -Thank you!
I called up my daughter to come and visit me.
I added 2 cc’s of Snake Oil to the motor oil. She drove home, not knowing exactly what this few drops of Snake Oil was which I added to the engine.
Only 15 minutes later she called me up and asked what exactly I did to her car.
She reported significantly more power and a smoother running engine!”
-Kim Evans-Austria.

5) “Just 3 minutes after the SMALLEST 5 ML dose of Ron’s pure Snake Oil,
our 2007 Ford Focus 2.0L idled lower, smoother & quieter.
The highway drive showed great results!
Normally at 60-65mph the engine stressed at 2800-2900rpms.
AFTER Snake Oil, the highway rpms dropped and rested to 2400rpms!!!
Ron is truly saving our engines AND our pocket books!
I’ll use EVERY kind of snake oil he produces for ALL systems for every engine I own!”
-Michael Lee-

6) “I will say this about the Snake Oil: my truck runs better!
Before this, I was thinking about trading it in for a newer model,
as it is up to 120k miles.
But after the Snake Oil, I will keep it!”
-William Menghi-

7) “Put it in 2 vehicles, a 200K 1987 Toyota Corolla and a 3oo+K Toyota Echo.
The Corolla seems a little quieter and a little more zip and starts quicker.
Soon I’ll report on the Echo!”
-Dave Hempel-

8) “I have a tractor that was under water for three days.
When I got it running again (two YEARS later!) it was burning oil and smoking a LOT.
I added one small dose of Snake Oil and within only 2 hours,
I’m going to put this in ALL my engines!!!”
-Russ, Round Lake IL-

“Oct 19/19: Chrysler Town and Country 3.8L with 174.5K miles on it.
Before Snake oil it got 18.9 MPG on highway average 65 mph.

After Snake Oil ran 109.6 miles on 3.6 gals = 30.4 MPG average 65 mph .
18.9 to 30.6 mpg is 11.7 MPG increase .
-Robert Wolf-

Want to tell us about YOUR experience?
Email me at SnakeOil@GadgetmanGroove.com TODAY!!!

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