Full System Vehicle Protection

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In all the world, there is NOTHING that has ever been developed so effective at being a benefit to an engine or ANY machine that uses lubricants to keep it alive than with an assortment of Borates.

Nobody has ever accused a corporation of overlooking a chance to get MAXIMUM value from their investments. USUALLY at the expense of the customer. In this case, something distinctly DIFFERENT has happened. A product based on something that has been held as a SECRET known only to the highest educated people in the field of lubrication in the world.

And the best in ALL fields are usually gobbled up by major corporations (like the GOVERNMENT), holding the knowledge concealed by holding those who KNOW about it ransom. “TALK and LOSE YOUR JOBS, your HOME, your FAMILY!”

Well, we’re challenging this with our discovery of one of the GREATEST SECRETS for System Longevity and SHARING IT WITH “The People’ as best we can.

Truth be told, even Amsoil knows about this stuff and uses it in ALL their laboratory and manufacturing equipment!

With this package, we have assembled the products most commonly used, and cut it to a ROCK-BOTTOM price so can get the biggest BANG for YOUR bucks!


A Full year’s supply (10 cc’s) for standard vehicle systems of 5 to 8 quart capacity,
a power steering treatment (5 cc’s),
a dose for your automatic transmission,
and ANOTHER dose for your differential (or rear end).

These care packages will only be offered for a LIMITED TIME,
o GET YOURS NOW and start saving BIG time!

(Reports are already coming in of increases in MPG’s by as much as 11.5 MPG’s!)

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