Snake Oil for Gear Boxes






There are several assemblies that will benefit DRAMATICALLY with this product.

Whether it’s a standard transmission, differential, or any OTHER gear box that uses heavy weight gear oil,
when you add THIS to that lubricant store, you can be assured that wear that has already happened
will be restored to original condition (as much as 63 thousandths of an inch!)
but also END metal-to-metal contact as well as friction caused by that contact.

We have been fed a line of B.S. for so many years about how much wear is “normal”
but what “they” consider “ACCEPTABLE”.

Don’t accept what THEY tell us we have to.

Do SOMETHING different!

Protect your equipment rather than REPLACE it when THEY WANT YOU TO!

Keep more of your money in your POCKET for a LONGER TIME!
TPTB haven’t earned it. You have.

Make it work for you as long as you possibly can.

For this, there is NO BETTER SOLUTION on the MARKET than 100% Pure Snake Oil.

If YOU know of something, TELL ME ABOUT IT and I’ll make it HAPPEN for ALL OF US!!!