Repeating Cycles of Defeat

So many of us are buried under a sea of failures. It appears that no matter what we try to accomplish, we are thwarted time and again with difficulties that are seemingly impossible to circumvent.

At first, we were full of energy. Full of hope and certainty that the path we had chosen was the absolute BEST path for us. And so, we jump in full of vigor in search of the ultimate goal, so clear to us an amazing solution to one of the world’s problems-or one of our own.

Then, something happens. Life happened and we become distracted. Once the immediate concern is dealt with, we renew our effort, but we can never begin at the point we left off. We have to take two steps backward before we can reach the level we had reached before.

This is due to a little thing called “Momentum”. There are many dissertations on this basic scientific principle which address this energy, but are limited to its application on the physical, leaving out its impact on the spiritual.

First, let me address the difference between the “physical” and the “spiritual”. The Physical of this world is anything that can be measured. If you can apply any number of observations to something such as color, size, temperature etcetera, it is considered physical.

If it can be quantified in any measure, it is in the physical realm. And the physical realm responds to a certain formula, and it responds just as it was designed by our Creator, the Author of all Laws.

And for every Law, mathematics is the Ruler of the Roost. The same applies to things of the Spirit, but it’s a math that is one few in this world is familiar with, for it is actually a multiplication rather than simple addition. For things in the Spiritual realm (everything energetic in nature) expands in a geometric fashion.

Momentum is one of these principles. Simply stated, “Momentum” is mass in motion. But “mass” is physical, and has no bearing on anything WITHOUT mass, right?


One plus One equals Two. Red plus Yellow equals pink. If I hand you an apple, between us there is still only one apple. But what about the energetic aspects which represent the most valued of Life’s experiences?

Consider this experience, which we have all shared at one time or another in our lives. Say you’re sitting alone in a coffee shop, sipping on this ambrosia (I’m a coffee SNOB!) and quite calm, simply there, reading Huckleberry Finn or something.

Then, you catch yourself looking up at the newest arrival and a smile begins to appear on your face and your spirit lifts. Someone just walked in, beaming from ear to ear, dispensing joy like it was candy-flavored raindrops. And everyone in the coffee shop begins to speak in lighter tones and smiles begin to appear on their faces, previously much like yours, more neutral than any other.

This person walked in and lifted the energy of the entire room. One plus NONE equaled at least two (you and them) and more likely, equaled something like 12 or 20.

Then, these people carried the joy this person delivered out to the world they know, and the number of people impacted by this person’s smile expands beyond measure.

Here’s how that would look in an algebraic formula.

A + B = > (A+B)

Or, A plus B equals a sum GREATER than the sum of A plus B.

Adding negative energy has the same effect. One little failure added to a second creates not TWO volumes of negativity, but WAY more. As hard as it was to get going in the first place (the momentum of your thoughts had to be reversed) whenever you hit resistance, it counters your efforts like hitting the brakes.

Depending on the event, maybe it’s like SLAMMING on the brakes!

Now, while you’ve applied your focus to overcome the path you were on (adding to forward momentum) some event in live reverses that movement.

Here’s The Truth. God surrendered the things of THIS domain (the Physical world) to The Enemy, while maintaining his dominion over all else. But we are born into a physical world. Pain, hunger, rain and other things of this world happening to and around you offers distractions that are sometimes hard to ignore.

Let me ask you something at this point. What is it you value in you heart? How do fancy cars, money and nice clothes stack up against things like Love, Honor, Integrity, Pride, Hope, Satisfaction and many other (UN-quantifiable) things you can experience?

They come in a poor second for the vast majority of people on this planet. Yet as The Enemy controls the information we are exposed to, remember “they” don’t want us thinking like this! Because THIS way of thinking is the path to freedom AND success (another un-quantifiable commodity) in all things of real value.

So, cement into your mind’s eye the goal. Keep it ever-present in your life. Sticky notes, reminder placards around your space. Write about it in your social media. Share it with your friends. (Those that DIMINISH your dreams and goals are NOT your FRIENDS! CUT THEM LOOSE!!!)

And remember, if you’re doing what God himself WANTS you to do, you are going to piss off The Enemy. He’s going to attack you, but all he can use are the things under his domain, and those who have sworn to serve either himself or physical “things”.

Just keep on keeping on when this happens, and do so with renewed confidence, for The Enemy wants slaves.

God wants to set you free.


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