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For the next 20 people that order the Personal License Package, I’m going to toss in a VERY cool tool!

It’s an OBDII Interface that works with any smart phone via Bluetooth technology to read virtually EVERYTHING that’s going on inside the computer. It uses ELM 327 programming.

I’ve bought a number of different ones on E-bay (they’re not expensive) but most simply didn’t work. THIS one DOES!


Order Yours TODAY!

Overstock Inventory

(I HATE inventory!)

I currently have over 40 throttle bodies in overstock. While my PLAN is to photograph and classify every one, that’s quite a job!

Since I’ve got so much work to do supporting the license holders, as well as managing over $10,000 a month in sales,
that leaves little time for these “Extra” jobs, let alone time to spend enjoying my bride.

So, if you’re willing to do a little work and request a particular throttle body, and I’ve got it in inventory,
I’ll knock off


Not only THAT, but if you’re willing to send me the old one and record a video for promotional purposes and upload it to YouTube,
I’ll give you


Ask me to look through my stock for YOUR vehicle and I’ll do that DOUBLE-QUICK!

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