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Release the Beast!

Massive Power is a GOOD thing!

Sometimes it Seems Everybody wants a Piece of You!

There IS a better way to get good mileage
and NOT lose POWER!

Better Mileage and More Power with No Parts!

Thousand of people are getting better mileage with The Gadgetman Groove!

Many people hide from new technology. Don’t!

Over 60% of your fuel burns in the TAILPIPE!

Many people have died waiting for this technology to come!

If you like POWER, The Gadgetman can GIVE it to you!



We’ve Solved the Problem of Poor Mileage.

You think that’s powerful? Think Again!

In Gadgetman Land, we are Family.

Monkey Mechanics are EVERYWHERE!

The Powers That Be treat us like CATTLE.

You think YOU get good mileage?

Smile for REAL!

Mileage, Power AND Emissions with NO PARTS!

Better Mileage for Any Engine

Don’t be a little fish!

Feel like a prisoner? We can set you FREE!

The Search is OVER!

It may not be Rocket Science, but it’s CLOSE!

Better Mileage with No Heavy Lifting!

Who Cares about Mileage?

I Got This!

There is a better way to get great mileage.

What lies hold YOU hostage?


Gadgetman’s Been Here.

Is 15 MPG’s the BEST Ford can do today?

Tell a Lie Big Enough and LONG enough and it becomes the TRUTH.

Dreams of Better Mileage just Dust in the Wind?

Don’t Just Wait for Help! Ask Gadgetman.

Stop Acting like Cattle.

Dirty Secrets Exposed Every Day.

Define “Liar”.

Peddle Harder!

Get Your Groove On!

Driving SHOULD be FUN!

Getting More from Your Fuel isn’t a Distant Target!

Water is the Perfect Fuel. But there ARE limits…

Build a Better Mousetrap? WE DID!

There are Far Better Ways to Burn Rubber.

Better Mileage. No Parts. See Gadgetman.

It’s not Anti-Gravity. It’s Better Mileage.

Are you a BELIEVER? Then don’t come to us!

Harness the Power of The Wave.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Power.

Are you Working on Your Dream Job? JOIN US!


Get More Power Now.


Remember when driving was FUN?

Catch Me… if you CAN!

Better Mileage, No Parts.

Feel free to copy as many as you like for posting to your favorite sites!

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