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John Poharcyk

1993 Toyota Pickup, 22R engine

Nothing is more frustrating than having your vehicle FAIL an emissions test especially when your vehicle is equipped with California Emissions the toughest in the nation. So, I searched the Internet and discovered countless unresolved blog entries where people were having similar problems on all kinds of vehicles and very few credible solutions. Then I remember about Ron and “The Gadgetman Groove.” I gave Ron a call and explained by predicament and provided my vehicle information. Moments later Ron provided a list of common problems and thorough explanations associated with high mileage vehicles such as mine unlike some of those poor blogs I found on the web. I was provided with a few non-conventional steps using common automotive-type products to use to correct my problems. He even knew how to use my vehicles on-board computer to test for any error codes and trouble spots in the system. Interestingly, there were none in my case. Using these simple and uncomplicated procedures I was able to restore my vehicle to its original condition and was able to pass my follow-up emissions test. Yeah!!! The results were a dramatic reduction in both HC and CO parameters measured. A 75% reduction in HC (hydrocarbons) and a whopping 99.9% in CO (Carbon Monoxide). I highly recommend Ron and “The Gadgetman Groove.” It’s rare to find someone with such a vast knowledge base and outstanding troubleshooting skills. Do NOT hesitate for one moment to give Ron a call with your vehicle issues. You can expect prompt, professional, honest and accurate solutions.

Frank Valdez


I had a used Buick that ran OK, but did not have a lot of pick me up, even with the turbocharger. Ran into Ron, listened to his information and testimonials. So I gave it a try. When it was done I was down to zero emissions club member once the mod was done. And after doing the break in drive to get the on board computer to sync up to the new option, I pressed down on the accelerator and actually turned some smoke on the rear wheels as I drove off. HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING IT OUT. and giving it a try for sure.

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Brittany Neville reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

This man right here is a blessing! Took his time out to call me on his on time to talk to me about my vehicle!! Gave me great advice!!! I’m definitely going to do what he said to do. Thank u so much for u time!! Anybody has a problem wit there vehicle and tired of shops telling u lame stuff about it ain’t isn’t fixing it,give this man a call!! Thank u so much for ur time!

Alex-aka Sir-vere Brayne-d’Hemmidge recommends The Gadgetman Groove.

He’s a genius! From Hydrogen research to the groove, just great!

Loreta Sidelnyk recommends The Gadgetman Groove.

I got my 2011 Ford Taurus car grooved in 2017
Since then I get 50% more gas mileages from a gallon and tremendous power!
Yes it is consequences few tickets but is just because I love wild ride and it feels good to kick gravel from my tires!

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Chris Kibodeaux reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

There one time in Phoenix too watch him finish up on a Porsche Cheyenne and it’s happy customer. He was kind enough to offer the groove on my Saturn for free, but I had to get back to my kids as they were getting out of school. I regret not going immediately back, because he offered to teach me the groove if I helped him and earned. When he tells you that about himself, he’s not lying. He may come off differently than you but he’s a great guy.

Amy Hamilton recommends The Gadgetman Groove.

We sent in our throttle body to get grooved by Ron and were so impressed especially by the power!!! Fresh smells from exhaust and better mileage as well! We have since become a “groovy” family as one of us has gotten his personal license and grooved all our vehicles and turning it into a real deal business of his own! Thank you Ron Hatton for this amazing discovery and all your hard work! I’m more than proud to give you 5+ stars!

Barry Augustine

85 Toyota 4wd Pick Up

Cool everything I’m totally satisfied so is my engine block
It’s now grooved…… Aerodynamics have changed for the better. Go for it you be glad you did more or less 400
Not bad and it stays with you it’s not going away+

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Wayne R Cheney reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

Everyone needs to know about the groove and also to experience it first hand as I have and many others! Ron provides wonderful customer service and is a great guy just in general. After seeing and feeling first hand what the groove can do for my racing lawnmower, I’m looking forward to having the groove done on my car as well as our family suv! If you are reading this, take that doubt and through it out the window!! Go get your vehicle grooved! You will NOT be disappointed!!! I’m sold and sound would you!!! Do it now!!! Not only will you be improving the environment, but also saving money!

Loreta Sidelnyk

2011 Ford Taurus and 2015 Cadillac

I have never experience such power on the cars as much as I have after groove went on.
Mileages is vary depending on the gas station I fill up my tank. I would say between 45%~58% more mileage per gallon.
And that my friends it is freaky!

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Sean Harding reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

Ron is a very serious threat to all auto manufacturers. Ron called me on a Sunday afternoon and we talked for almost an hour about my needs. I was impressed the owner and president of a company would call me on a Sunday. I would say that Ron is the “Stephen Hawking” of the fuel management world.

Casey Feigum reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

I studied the groove for years waiting to see if it really worked and was right for me. I finally made the choice to get one this year. Ron has gone above and beyond in the customer support and now I consider myself an advocate of Gadgetman technologies. Take a look at the testimonials you will be glad you did.

Rich Rathie reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

I am super happy to have spoken with Ron. Incredible..

Phillip Miles recommends The Gadgetman Groove.

I’ve got grooved and rerouted the pcv on my 2007 f150 with just over 200 thousand miles on it and went from 15mpg to 17 mpg. this Ron knows what he’s talking about.

Samuel Ward reviewed The Gadgetman Groove5 star

One phone call fixed what 7 other mechanics couldn’t

It has been a great pleasure and an HONOR to have served so many, and to be of some service to my brothers and sisters on this planet.

Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions or concerns you may have. I also offer free MPG consultations, which have helped hundreds if not thousands of people get WAY more out of their engines.

ESPECIALLY the old, tired ones!

My cell phone number is 406-422-3291.

Just call.

You’ll be glad you did.

Ron Hatton

Developer of The Gadgetman Groove


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