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This is what Ron Hatton was about- Helping People.

While only Ron was Ron, we will still do our best to help You find solutions to your vehicle problems.

I, Tracy Gallaway, have over 40 years experience with car and engine issues. Try me, I can probably help!

GMG Detailed Troubleshooting Request

Here is some of Ron Hatton’s history !

If you’ve been challenged by problems finding the right solution for your vehicles, let Gadgetman help.

With over 45 years experience in problem-solving, Gadgetman offers a unique point of view, and non-traditional solutions that are guaranteed to provide all the help you need!

Thousands of satisfied clients will tell you “Gadgetman knows his stuff!” One customer said (after almost three years of working on his ride)

“One call to Gadgetman fixed what $1800
and six mechanics COULDN’T!”

So, whether you’re dealing with old, tired engines or the newer, more complex vehicles; whether it’s making your engine more efficient or just solving for emissions issues, Gadgetman’s your man for the job!

Starting as low as $9.97, tell him what’s going on, and he’ll dig deep into his knowledge base and DELIVER the answers you’ve been looking for!!

What do people have to say about Ron’s ability to help?

This man right here is a blessing! Took his time out to call me on his on time to talk to me about my vehicle!! Gave me great advice!!! I’m definitely going to do what he said to do. Thank u so much for u time!! Anybody has a problem wit there vehicle and tired of shops telling u lame stuff about it ain’t isn’t fixing it,give this man a call!! Thank u so much for ur time!
-Brittany Neville

Definitely would recommend to anyone having trouble with there vehicle or if your just wanting to get better fuel efficiency he’s who you need to talking to …
Thank you for your help it’s much appreciated!
-Michael Shortridge

I am super happy to have spoken with Ron. Incredible.
-Rich Rathie

Ron is very personable and cares! He always answers his phone and is happy to help with any questions you could have about your vehicle’s performance!
? ? ? ? ?
-Amy Hamilton

And many, MANY MORE!!!

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and Tracy will get you to the solutions you need!

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