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Here are just some of the interesting “Share your experience” form submissions we’ve received.

We felt compelled to share them with you !

Note. As you might know now, our dear friend Ron passed away in February 2021 in a terrible car accident.
We could only recover these testimonials now, but we’re proud of them and think they are pretty interesting to show you.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do !

Tracy Gallaway,
Gadgetman Technologies’ operation director

2006 Honda Pilot EX 3.5

After ordering my throttle body and installing it which took about 30-Minutes, My Mileage went from 24 MPG to 47. Also, I recorded up to 55MPG.
Your throttle body really improved my performance, gas mileage and even made my engine run smoother….
Thank you so much Ron

Leonard  W. from Cleveland

1999, Subaru, outback

My mom originally found out about Ron, then I went got our car grooved the gas mileage saved was about 10 so miles more a gallon. I also had the pleasure of learning the technology, I have been grooving my own cars since if anyone mentions they are wanting to save gas I tell them about gadget man groove. Thanks Ron for the help and knowledge.

Hannah K.

2005 GMC Sierra 1500, 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix V-6, 1996 Buick LeSabre V-6

Ron phoned me and was very cheerful and educated me as to what the groove technology could do for each vehicle. He is dedicated to making this a better world and that starts with working on self and then respect and courtesy to each and everyone one we encounter. I especially resonated with Ron’s email concerning people who ask you to give of your energy, money or otherwise.

Brian L.

2011 Hyundai Elantra

My Hyundai Elantra got great gas mileage but I wanted it to pack a punch with my RPMs. My mother found the Gadgetmangroove and I decided to have the procedure done. Not only did I get those kick-ass RPMs but my gas mileage went from great to phenomenal! I was averaging 40-50 MPG and blowing the doors off of all my friends souped-up muscle cars. I absolutely love this technology!

Havilah Lusk-V.

2001 Nissan Frontier

Hello Everyone!!!

Wow! What a great guy Ron Hatton is. I stumbled upon his website searching for ways to get better gas mileage for my vehicles. I’m so tired of “Big Oil” ripping me and my family off and not to mention the average American. Yes that’s you and I!!!

Did you know it only costs the Oil Company’s roughly .20 cents to pump a gallon of oil out of the ground? You heard me right!

Here’s also something to think about, Who gives “Big Oil” the right to make “claim” on our Worlds preciouses resources and also for them to profit 100% from it? After all, does the oil not belong to all of us? “Mankind” that is. Did you know that in Alaska the average “Joe” or citizen receives a small dividend for every gallon sold? Why don’t we receive that here in the US or any where else for that matter? Not to mention our “Environment” being destroyed at a rapid rate around the world by there greed and the way they do business by there drilling, buy/sell outs and there huge influence in Congress and Big Gov etc. Not to mention being in bed with the Auto Companies manufacturing gas guzzling vehicle’s that easily could be made more fuel efficient and environment friendly. Instead all we get as a “loyal customer” is a gouging at the gas pump with out a curtesy wipe. What’s wrong with that picture? We can put people on the “Moon” with all this new and advanced technology but here we are after 100 plus years since 1867 and were still using carbon burning engine technology? Wow!!! Hmmm It all doesn’t seem to pass the smell test does it? Enough said!

Back to searching for more fuel efficient ways within my abilities as the average “Joe” I looked at Ron’s Groovy Products and found that the way the “Groove worked” was genius. It just clicked in my mind that this simple groove would do all the things I was looking for and more with the gasoline engine. Ron offered a Small business license that would give me the tools and knowledge to groove and modify my own vehicles, not to mention the ability to help other people with there vehicles. So I signed up six months ago and joined the many, many people that are making a difference in this carbon based revolution!

So far I’ve “grooved” my Motorhome, Toyota tundra, two 04,05 Camrys, 2001 Frontier and my motorcycle. All with 30% gains in fuel mileage or more and horse power. That says a lot when gas prices keep rising ($3 to $4 per gallon) I’m averaging about an extra 80 to 100 miles per tank on a total fill up. It feels so good I took a chance and came out on top for once.

I highly recommend this product.

Below is one of my vehicles I Grooved and modified that I filmed for those of you looking to save money and help our environment. Enjoy!!!

David S.

1993 Toyota Pickup, 22R engine

Nothing is more frustrating than having your vehicle FAIL an emissions test especially when your vehicle is equipped with California Emissions the toughest in the nation. So, I searched the Internet and discovered countless unresolved blog entries where people were having similar problems on all kinds of vehicles and very few credible solutions.

Then I remember about Ron and “The Gadgetman Groove.” I gave Ron a call and explained by predicament and provided my vehicle information. Moments later Ron provided a list of common problems and thorough explanations associated with high mileage vehicles such as mine unlike some of those poor blogs I found on the web.

I was provided with a few non-conventional steps using common automotive-type products to use to correct my problems. He even knew how to use my vehicles on-board computer to test for any error codes and trouble spots in the system. Interestingly, there were none in my case. Using these simple and uncomplicated procedures I was able to restore my vehicle to its original condition and was able to pass my follow-up emissions test. Yeah!!!

The results were a dramatic reduction in both HC and CO parameters measured. A 75% reduction in HC (hydrocarbons) and a whopping 99.9% in CO (Carbon Monoxide).

I highly recommend Ron and “The Gadgetman Groove.” It’s rare to find someone with such a vast knowledge base and outstanding troubleshooting skills. Do NOT hesitate for one moment to give Ron a call with your vehicle issues. You can expect prompt, professional, honest and accurate solutions.

John P.


I had a used Buick that ran OK, but did not have a lot of pick me up even with the turbo charger. . . Ran into Ron, listened to his information and testimonials. . so I gave it a try. . . when it was done I was down to zero emmission club member once the mod was done. And after doing the break in drive to get the on board computer to sync up to the new option. . I pressed down on the accellerator and actually turned some smoke on the rear wheels as I drove off. . . HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING IT OUT . . .   and giving it a try for sure.

Frank V.

2003 GMC DENALI 6.0

The Groove works! I used be able taste the raw fuel in the morning when i started my GMC up. After the groove, there was not a hint of fuel odor. My fuel is being efficiently burnt and my money was not being burned out the tailpipe. The power was pushing me back in the seat too! Its perfect for a gearhead like me and I am doing better for the environment with lower emissions. I am glad I did the research and contacted Ron!

Claudio C.


I had the groove done to my throttle body and the first test drive was so impressive that I am going to get it done to all my vehicles!  The power is booming and the tail pipe smells like odorless warm hot air. I have to use premium fuel on this ACURA and with the added mpg I am loving it. Thanks Ron for this awesome technology!

Claudio C.

2004 Chrysler TownCountry 3.8L

After doing my own Groove, the car with 172000 miles went from 21 MPG to 32 MPG at highway speeds . Here normally 70 MPH. That’s within the first 600 miles .

Robert W.

2000 Mitsubishi Montero Endeavor 3.5l V6 – 197 HP

I learnt about Gadgetman and the groove through Aaron Murakami, after he installed a grooved TB and his owner design plasma ignition in his Subaru. I talked to Ron, and ordered one. I ordered the box to adjust the computer fuel cell. Initially it took a lot of tweaking and observing with an OBDII, but once I hit the sweet spot, I experienced noticeable added horse power (no dyno lol) and gas mileage went from 18.5 to 19 city and from 19 highway to 21 highway, only. I hit 22 mpg twice on highways, only after adding ATF in the gas tank. I checked for vacuum leaks and plugged the PCV and put the suggested filter. It is NOT a turnkey operation, but was fun to experiment with on the old SUV. I could have tried added steps with resistors and wrapping the cat converter with foil, but did not go to that extent. I even added the plasma ignition with zero resistor plugs and harness; that made a big initial difference that required tweaking of the fuel cell box, again, but I abandoned the use as my plugs did not last much. Too much of a pain to switch plugs. The Montero was also peculiar with its waste spark system. The most significant advantage for me on this particular vehicle was the added power, very noticeable on this otherwise underpowered vehicle.

I used the grooved TB Montero for about 4 years, until the engine ceased, last year, at approximately 280,000 miles. Not related to the groove in any way, shape or form.

I am now driving a 5.7l V8, 2010 Range Rover HSE, and although tempting, I would not dream of installing a grooved TB myself, given the number of computers and modules on that car.

If I had a carbureted car/SUV, I would not hesitate one second, and I highly recommend the groove, especially if you have someone nearby who is familiar and can help you tweaking the box and fool the car computer/O2 sensors/cat into looking for lower fuel cells and not automatically compensating for the programmed stoichiometric ratio. Also, chasing the car specific tweaks with cat and o2 sensor mods.

I spoke with Ron on two or three occasions, over the phone, and exchanged several E-mails with him, and I must say Ron was kind and most helpful every time.

A big thank you, Ron and, I hope our paths cross, again! Best to you and the Gadgetman groove!

Love and light,


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