The Gadgetman Groove Throttle Body

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We special order for every customer. A throttle body is purchased that is an exact match (factory equipment) and have it shipped in to our shop. Then, it is cleaned (sandblasted), tested for functionality and the machine work is done to create the effects that have made The Gadgetman Groove famous the world over as “The most POWERFUL throttle body in the WORLD!”

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The Gadgetman Groove Throttle Body is a refurbishment. Cleaned, tested and modified for maximum fuel efficiency.

By machining a special shape into the throttle assembly of any gasoline engine (and any year or fuel delivery system) we generate a wave-form that creates faster combustion rates so less fuel escapes the engine to generate emissions and a higher percentage burns in the combustion chamber, generating POWER to drive the piston!

Benefits include:

  • Improved Throttle Response

  • Power Delivery in all Ranges

  • Reduced Emissions

  • Longer Oil Life

  • Reduced Engine Wear

  • Better Mileage (over 95% of vehicles)

Due to increasing numbers of people who have taken advantage of our liberal guarantee policy, our guarantee is now only valid for EXCHANGE ONLY. Enough evidence has been supplied to verify the potential benefits to any gasoline engine, but we can no longer be held responsible for your vehicle’s failure to respond. We will be more than happy to support your efforts to get the highest possible mileage results, and will continue to offer support for that through our Groovy Forums.

Please read The Whole Process (opens in a new tab.) so you understand exactly what you’ve got yourself into!

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