Refund and Satisfaction Guarantee policies

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Since 2009,
The Gadgetman Groove has provided amazing benefits
for thousands of people the world over.

Based on science, and science being predictable,
it simply works every time.

But sometimes there are issues beyond our control.
For example, some vehicle computers are simply programmed
to not allow gains.

When these things occur, we do everything in our power to make it right.
When we can’t, we got your back.

Our GMG Refund Policy

There are many cases and conditions that can occur.
So here are the conditions for a refund.

If case you change your mind, BEFORE we have begun the modification process:
A. When WE provide the Throttle Body (TB), there are 3 possibilities:
– if we haven’t ordered the replacement Throttle Body for your vehicle: 100% refund;
– if we already have ordered ordered the replacement Throttle Body for your vehicle: Complete refund minus (-) $100.00 handling fees;
– If we have completed the modification on the replacement Throttle Body for your vehicle: NO REFUND.

B. When YOU have sent us your Throttle Body, there are 2 possibilities:
We have received but we have not begun the modification: 100% refund MINUS the cost for shipping it back to you. (Typically $16.50 in the US, more if outside the US)
– We have received your TB AND we have done the modification on it: NO REFUND.

In both cases (A or B) when modification is done, if requested, pictures of the modified TB can be provided for proof of work.

Now, if not already refunded, once the modification is done, we will ship the modified TB to you.
Then, our Satisfaction Guarantee will kick in.

We are proud to offer and stand behind our
GMG 50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee

Here are the terms on that:

Follow The Instructions

When you receive the throttle body, it comes with an instruction sheet. The Gadgetman Groove is a Process as well as a modified throttle body. The Customer is responsible to read and understand the instructions.

Call or email us at the email mentioned here below, if you need help!

You must have followed all the instructions.

If you have, and the results are either less than we promised OR you expected, contact us immediately and we will help you solve any issues you may have. Troubleshooting and recommended service actions are included at no additional charge.

We CAN NOT control the condition, age, maintenance history, repairs, vehicle computer factory baseline programming, type of vehicle usage, driving conditions and style, or anything else about a vehicle or engine the Gadgetman Groove mod is applied to. These are solely up to the Customer/end user. This is an Experimental Modification Process. Every vehicle is an individual case. We know from experience that the Gadgetman Groove mod, always gives a combination of increased Power and better Throttle Response, reduced tailpipe Emissions, and Improved Fuel Economy Potential. But we Cannot predict percentages or ratios of the Improvements in advance. Some vehicles have required 6 to 8 tanks of gas to fully realize economy gains.

When we say this is a Process, it means that you as the customer/end user must follow through on the Instructions and recommendations we provide to you. We have had people ask for a Refund many months or even over a year after receiving their Groovy TB!  Two, even after having sold the vehicle!! We feel it’s fair for you, the Customer, to have “Skin in the Game”.  Incentive to Strive for Results.  We will gladly give tips to help get results, and we constantly look for more ways to improve the Results.

You agree to split the “risk” of success with us, 50/50. We agree, to provide a Professionally Modified Throttle Body (TB), to update our Instructions and advice for troubleshooting, and give you every useful tip to boost gains and improve Results we can.  We agree to offer a 50% refund of full purchase price within the first 60 days after you receive your Grooved TB, IF, after calling, or contacting us by email for help in troubleshooting your vehicle and implementing recommendations we give you, you are still are not satisfied with results. We further agree to offer the abovementioned 50% of full purchase price, including shipping to you, in partial or full amount thereof in kind, as SnakeOil Friction Proofer Products, at your discretion.

Your success equals our success, and we know it.

Further 3 conditions for the GMG 50/50 Satisfaction guarantee:

1. About the 60 days

If for some reason, within the first 60 days, you are not satisfied with the benefits of The Gadgetman Groove on your particular engine and you decide you would like a refund, contact us via email at explaining the situation.

If you have followed all our instructions, we will provide an address to which you should send the disappointing throttle body.

It must arrive in our shop no more than 60 days from the date it was received by the customer.
(International clients will be afforded additional time.)

2: No Damages

If upon receipt we find the throttle body as it was shipped (no missing/swapped parts or damages) we will issue a  50% credit back to your form of payment. If paid other than a credit or debit card, we will issue a check for the amount of 50% of purchase in full, including shipping charges, and post it to the address we have on file. At your discretion, we can supply Snake Oil Friction Proofer Products as value in kind as part or all of the value of the refund.

3: Replaced Shipments

Should there have been an issue on the original Grooved throttle body (It happens!) and a replacement was issued, the 60 days will not begin until the shipment of the final throttle body.

That’s all there is to it!

Tracy G.
Operation director
Email :
Telephone : (775) 544-7692

We are proud to follow biblical principles in our business.
That means we intend to bless every one of our clients
far beyond their investment.
This is why we have a customer satisfaction rating at over

You see, if you don’t feel
we earned every penny of your investment,
we don’t want your money.

That just wouldn’t be fair.

And if you ever need help identifying an issue,
we will help out for the price of a phone call.

More, we are happy to help no matter your challenge.

Bear in mind The Gadgetman Groove
has never been evaluated, tested or
(least of all!)
approved by any agency or corporation.

And I don’t really care if they ever do.
It is enough for us to offer
technology to the world
that actually benefits the people
and the planet.
(Something they appear to have little concern for.)

And my tricks may be considered “Hillbilly Magic” but they work.
This Experimental Modification has been sucessfully done, thousands of times!

That’s what really matters.

Now, if you’ve read enough and are satisfied,
how about getting back to getting YOUR Groove On?


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