What’s Involved?

What’s involved in Getting in The Groove?

Many people come to me for help, and it is a great honor to be the one chosen to deliver this technology to you.

The first step is placing your order. When you do, PLEASE use the note section to include info about your engine and any particular problems  you may be experiencing.

Once the order has been placed, we take your vehicle information and order a factory-made replacement throttle body that is IDENTICAL to the one that came on your engine.

Cost for the replacement is

in the price you pay.

Once the replacement comes in, we clean the throttle body thoroughly by sandblasting, perform the machine work required to create the wave that does all the work, and send it through the cleaning process one more time. Then, it is packaged and sent out to you for installation.

As you can see in Loreta’s video below, almost every throttle body used in today’s vehicles (since around 1996) are very easy to access, and simple to remove and reinstall.

Here are some pictures to show you the different assemblies we can modify, and almost certainly you have one of these powering your engine.

Once your throttle body arrives, you will simply change out the part with your original according to the instructions included with every throttle body we send out.

Many people are concerned about getting it properly installed.
Trust me when I tell you it is absurdly easy to do.

Here you can see a DEFINITE happy person change one out in less than a HALF-HOUR!!!

One man who started with purchasing a throttle body in this fashion is Michael. Following purchasing a throttle body for his ride, he was so overwhelmed by the results he went on to join us in the Gadgetman Training Program. Already, he has earned well over $10,000 as a hobby, and in his SPARE TIME!

Check Out Our Training Program and SAVE!

Here’s a video he made to tell people about his discovery of “The Groove”:

He has done AMAZING things since joining Gadgetman Land!

No matter what, or how long you wait to call,
I got your back.

It is my pleasure, my honor,
to use what I have learned to help you.
Just as I have for thousands of people just like

If you have ANY issues with your vehicle,
while I may not know EVERYTHING,
I have earned a reputation for helping people
solve many long-standing problems
many mechanics have not been able to solve.

So, just call me.

I will be happy to help.

Dial (775) 544-7692
and see for yourself.
Tracy G.

If you want to know what the modification process looks like,
see the Whole Process Page.)

To see what I do for every order, LOOK HERE!

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