Personal License Training Package

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Start your own business doing what no one else CAN!

And do it for less than $1,500!
Now “Helping people to learn how to do it by themselves” special, for less than $1000. !!!

One of our recent trainees has gone on to earn over
as a Gadgetman!


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Learn a Wonderful New Technology and Help the Planet!

For over 100 years, people have sought ways to get more power out of their fuel. Rumors still surface from time-to-time of 100+ mpg vehicles, but it seems we’re all STUCK at 20 MPG’s or LESS! Even back in 1908, the FIRST YEAR Model “T”, running on today’s fuel gets 50 MPG’s!!!

Since it’s discovery in March of 2009 by our founder, Ron Hatton (aka “Gadgetman”), this simple technology has been used to benefit thousands of vehicle owners all over the PLANET! 97% of vehicles that receive the modification get better mileage, with around 25% getting DOUBLE or MORE!

While the modification itself is very simple, the way it affects engines is NOT. From the best practices on carbureted engines to how to get the ECU to give the most amazing results, to various weaknesses that need to be addressed, you will need some extra training.

So long as you have some basic mechanical aptitude and a few basic tools, Ron has put together this training package that has been used by HUNDREDS of people to get higher levels of efficiency out of their gasoline engines. Many reports come in of increases of 25%, 35%, 50% and MORE on their VERY FIRST TRY!

The 2019 Personal License Package contains:

  • 2019 Shop Guide and Training Manual (Hard Copy and PDF) with over 25,000 words!
  • Full set of Gadgetman’s special bits.
  • 20 Hours One-on-One Consultation with Gadgetman.
  • Full access to the Groovy Forums for Sharing and Troubleshooting.
  • Digital copies of all training information.
  • Telephone Support and Diagnostics.

This package is completely NON-Refundable after it has been shipped, as knowledge, once received, cannot be returned. But we are going to give you COMPLETE SUPPORT as you learn the technology, and if you decide you want to go a little further, we will help you turn Grooving into a nice Part-Time Income!

International Purchasers will incur additional shipping charges.

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