Video Reports

Tons of Video Reports on
The Gadgetman Groove

While there are thousands of videos on YouTube if you want to find them,
here are a few playlists I’ve put together on various classes of engines
I (and my other Gadgetmen) have modified
with The Gadgetman Groove.

Here are over 360 videos on a channel from YouTube that highlight
some of the thousands of reports of mileage increases.

Click here to browse our GMG Youtube channel

Our latest testimony came from Zane in California.
He got the Groove on his 2016 Toyota Tacoma
and has amazing results !

Another one here from a 177 Mileage videos Playlist

Do you own a Ford Product?
Here are some reports of Mileage increases from owners of Fords.
77 Vids on this playlist!

How about Dodge Rams and other Chrysler products?
47 Videos on this list!

Maybe you own a Chevrolet/GM…
Here’s a playlist of 79 Videos!

How about American Imports like Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etcetera?
80 Videos here!

Maybe Emissions is your thing…
250 videos here.

Curious what this means for people with Carbureted Engines?
29 videos on this playlist!

There are a bunch more, and more videos going up on The Gadgetman Groove Channel.

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