Grooving from the INSIDE

People have wondered many times what goes into the Gadgetman Groove Modification Process, so I thought I’d walk you through it from the BACK end-the stuff nobody ever sees.

Here, you will see what happens to a throttle body
from the time we receive it and have it unpacked.

Before I can even THINK about starting,
I get myself set up with some 90 proof!

I’m a Coffee Connoisseur. Fresh ground French Roast.


The first thing we do is give it a visual inspection
to make sure it’s working correctly
and the assorted sensors look good.

If anything is off, we decide what to do, whether it’s return the item
and start over, or advise the client of any changes
that are required.

Time required: 5 Minutes.

Most come in looking pretty rough.


Next, we check out the device more thoroughly.

Time required: 5 to 15 minutes.

It starts on the work bench.
One of the many precious gifts I’ve received from Loreta.


Once we’ve done the technical checks and inspections
We start the cleaning process by
removing the heaviest grunge and garbage.

Some is quite stubborn, requiring additional time.

Time required: 5 to 20 minutes.

The major portion of filth is removed from the item.
Danger! Time for more 90 Proof!


Before it’s first visit to the cleaning cage,
we block off any sensitive areas to ensure no sand gets into them.

It wouldn’t do to have the injectors blocked when it’s fired up!

Time for more Go Juice!


Next, it’s time to visit the sandblasting cage.

It’s taken months to develop my skills with this simple device!

Time required: 15-45 Minutes.

Pulling it from the cage.


Once it’s had a thorough cleaning,
it looks a LOT better and is ready for the modification.

The First of Two thorough cleanings.


Next, we select the proper sized bit and
start the actual modification.

Selecting the proper size is critical.


Once that is done, we start machining
The Groove into the assembly just downstream
and as close to the throttle plate as possible.

All machine work is done by hand with a standard Dremel.


And here’s what it looks like with The Groove completed.

Time Required: 15-30 minutes.

The Grooving Process is now complete.


In some cases (not this one) the walls where The Groove is applied
is thinner than others.

This is checked by shining a light inside The Groove,
looking for light seeping through to the outside.

In the event I spot light seepage, I apply JB-Kwik to the outside
(if possible) to ensure there are no light leaks.

Sometimes, I miss a spot, so I ask every customer to check my work,
and apply some if needed.

This doesn’t happen OFTEN, but you should

Once The Groove is applied, it goes BACK into the cage
to knock off any grease spots I missed and to polish the plates.

Then the all-important finishing touch is applied.


This depends TOTALLY on my mood!


Today, it was Sparkly, HAPPY blue!


From here, it’s to the packing station.

Once I read the news, of course!


Once we’ve packed the throttle body TIGHTLY to avoid damage during shipment,
we add the assorted paperwork.

For this customer, I’m including a little surprise. 
A trial application of 100% Pure Snake Oil
so I add some information on the most AMAZING oil additive on the MARKET,
along with the Installation Instructions

Add a few business cards in case they want to talk about my work,
and it’s ready for shipping.

Time required: 15 Minutes.

Finished and ready to ship!


This is what we go through with every order.

So, the investment of time
we put into each throttle body to give you the best we can deliver
ranges from about One hour to around TWO and a HALF hours!

If you’re ready to “Get YOUR Groove On”
then Start the Ordering Process Now!