What The People have to say about anything Gadgetman.

Ron Hatton has made quite a reputation for himself since 2009 when he developed The Gadgetman Groove as a man who is quite probably the most caring, as well as the most experienced at delivering true fuel efficiency for gasoline engines of every kind.

Here is your chance to talk about YOUR experiences with him. Whether if he helped you by providing his unique service, or simply helped you fix an issue that caused you problems, we want you to tell the world about it.

There are really good people emerging all over the planet. We are proud to find yet another here in Gadgetman Land in our ‘Fearless Leader’.

Tell the world about your experience and we’ll be adding the comments to our “Public Reports” page shortly. (page will be added SOON!)

Now! Let’s get on with it!

Speak freely here!

Thanks for taking the time to tell us ALL about your experience!

The Gadgetman Team

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