Gadgetman Land

Here in Gadgetman Land, we all share a core belief. That belief is the solutions to the myriad of problems and challenges we face as Free People will never be solved by those who stand to profit by our continued suffering.

As the governments profit from every corporation, and as every corporation has “a fiduciary responsibility to return the highest return on the investments of (their) shareholders” and claim THAT responsibility to replace Value Delivered with Profit Received, we must shoulder the responsibility to solve these issues ourselves. The solutions to our problems have been, and will continue to be, developed in the garages and workshops of those people who have the vision to seek.

One principal measure of subjugation of these inventors is to threaten and attack these visionaries. The Powers that Be use psychology, guns, finances and legislated acts to convince them to set aside their discoveries that they remain hidden from the world at large. And so, their discoveries fall into the realm of myth and legend.

To defeat these mechanisms, we must stand resolute in the basic principle that gave us the original motivation to search. The desire to find an answer that it may BENEFIT THE PEOPLE. In standing resolute, we must release our discoveries as soon as they are found. We must share our successes (and our failures) so that others may follow in our wake.

We are the leaders when it comes to real and true solutions.

So, if you’re one of our greater Family and share these values, we would like to welcome you to Gadgetman Land.

If not, then keep coming back, for by simply expressing an interest, you have declared your intention to find answers.

And that is all that is needed to belong here.

Welcome to The Family of Man.

Ron Hatton
Developer of The Gadgetman Groove

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