The Gadgetman Groove

The Gadgetman Groove

Welcome to a New Era in Fuel Efficiency!

Have you ever wondered if there was anything to the rumors of tremendous gas mileage?

Well, since the turn of the 20th Century and the introduction of gasoline as a fuel source, people all over the world have been trying to get more out of it. And many rumors still circulate about their accomplishements, fantastic and (many believe) quite true! Claims of as much as 180 MPGs are not at all uncommon.

The Gadgetman Groove is a simple way to increase the performance of any gasoline engine. It requires no parts, and only a slight modification to experience phenomenal changes in the way your engine runs. But The Gadgetman Groove is a process, and not a magic pill. What The Gadgetman Groove does is give you the core technology upon which tremendous gains are truly possible.

Fluid Dynamics 101 will tell you that when you change the shape of a passage through which a fluid flows (air is a fluid) then you change the behavior of the fluid itself. By taking advantage of some unique dynamics present at only one place in the engine (the throttle body) we greatly enhance the pressure wave in the intake created by the downstroke of the piston.
See Wikipedia’s article on Internal Combustion Engines for more information.

You see, at Top Dead Center (TDC) on the intake stroke, the piston begins its descent and the speed of the intake air increases until the crankshaft reaches about 90 degrees, at which point the piston begins to slow. This creates a wave, with the vacuum ranging from about 15″Hg to around 19″Hg. When The Gadgetman Groove is machined into the system, that pressure wave is amplified greatly.

When the piston speeds up, the vacuum spikes. This increase in vacuum allows the fuel to be more completely vaporized. It must be a vapor to mix with the oxygen, and it must mix with the oxygen before it can burn. The result is more fuel blended with the air at the point of ignition, and more complete combustion the natural result!

Inside the combustion chamber “better combustion” means more complete consumption of the fuel. Because combustion is really just an explosion, and an explosion is a very fast burn, more of the oxygen is consumed. The Oxygen Sensor will read this and correct the only way it knows how – by reducing the amount of fuel delivered so the “correct” Air-Fuel Ration (AFR) can be maintained.

So, what does all this mean?

The engine requires less fuel to get the same work done!

That’s it!

Now, to get YOUR “Groove” on,
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