Gadgetman Certification Plans

You want to learn this technology?

We are growing all over the world and need Gadgetmen in many areas. Becoming a Gadgetman might be simple, but it is also demanding. With the number of people requesting this simple modification (we get as many as 150 new leads daily), the rewards speak for themselves. So whether you have minimal experience with that ratchet set, or have had your head under a hood for years, all that tinkering is about to pay-off big time!

Personal or Experimenters License

Beginning with our Personal License Program, we have many tinkerers who started with their own vehicles, and are now using what they’ve learned to create an income for themselves and their families. All you need is a Dremel, a Flex-Shaft and the tools necessary to remove a carburetor or throttle body. If you’ve got those items, then you have all you need to start learning The Gadgetman Groove!

What you get with that is three different bits that will allow you to perform this simple adjustment on almost any gasoline engine on the planet. From your smallest chain saw to the largest V-10 Triton, you will be able to give them everything they need to obtain maximum fuel efficiency in less than an hour! I fyou like what you see, we can grant you an extension on that license to start making money after as few as three successful modification!

Click HERE to read more on the Personal License Program.


Full Gadgetman Certification Program

For those of you who are Automotive Professionals (or skilled enough to pass as one!) and would like to add The Gadgetman Groove to your service offerings, the Certification Program is for you! For a one-time $10,000 payment, you will receive five days of training at my home in Helena, Montana. Once you’ve completed your training, and have learned all I can teach you, you will receive a listing on and the full support of everyone in Gadgetman Land to start and run your own business with this cutting-edge technology.

We are building a family based on the highest values of integrity and trust, so if you are someone who knows the value of keeping their word, and wants to make a difference in your part of the world, we’d like to talk to you. All Certified Gadgetmen frequently earn more than $100 an hour, and earn the gratitude of their customers on a DAILY basis!

If you can’t keep your word, then we can’t help you.
Nobody CAN.

So, if you think you’re ready and want to take the next step, then tell us a little about yourself and let’s get this party started!

Are you ready to learn this tech and get started making money AND helping people?

Then fill out the Contact Form Below and we’ll get you into the class that’s right for you!

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