Snake Oil-Best Oil Additive EVER

There was a silent revolution in the Lubrication industry about ten years ago,
and it’s finally made it into Gadgetman Land!

It’s called “Hexagonal Boron Nitride” or, to insiders, only as hBN.
(For thousands of pages of information on this compound, click here.)

This stuff has some AMAZING properties when added to any system as a lubricant.
As it is a “metalloid” it LOVES anything that has iron in it.
In fact, it quite literally bores through any deposits through to the metal itself.

When it gets there, it bonds INSTANTLY, releasing whatever might be coating the metal.
This results in a SPARKLING clean engine!

Not only does it BOND with the metal, wherever there is FRICTION, it responds by literally plating
BOTH surfaces, effectively ENDING metal-to-metal contact.

But that’s not all! As this stuff has been proven hard enough to SCRATCH DIAMONDS,
your bearing and journal surfaces become hard as diamonds, too!

It blends with motor oils, although some settling does occur.
But when the oil starts to circulate on engine start,
this stuff is smaller than a red blood cell and circulates in the oil
(or other lubricant),
reaching even the SMALLEST of areas, protecting EVERYTHING that is touched!

And it will RESTORE WORN COMPONENTS as much as 63 thousandths of an inch!

We currently have applications for:


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Snake Oil: A Revolutionary New Oil Additive


Engine oil  (BOTH Diesel and Gasoline)

Here’s what we use for Standard transmissions,
Transaxles, Rear ends and Differentials:

Link to Snake Oil for Gear Oil Assemblies


And last but not LEAST!

and we’re anxious to add MORE systems as needed.

Here are packages we are planning and can supply within a few days…

Do you have an application that’s not listed,
or would like us to make one or more of these for YOUR machine?

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