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2018 Manual Cover 1
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2018 Manual Cover 1

The Gadgetman Groove was born out of an
enduring knowledge that there was more power in gasoline
than we were being allowed to use.


This is evidenced in the smell of untreated exhaust
from virtually every gasoline engine on the planet.


 exhaust 2

Developed by a Kentucky Hillbilly in a small garage
in Central Arizona, using tools that were handed down
through the years, he listened to the voice of inspiration.


When he did, something amazing happened and
The Gadgetman Groove


Groove Shape

was born.
Never caring too much for doing business with thieves,
he was approached on several occasions to sell out,
but declined every offer in favor of distributing
the technology to those best equipped to
make a difference in this planet.


The tremendous army of other gadgetmen
that solve 
similar problems every day.


Work in progress


If you are a member of that army, then you share this passion.


You have heard the stories of technologies that disappear
along with the inventors,
never to see the light of day.


Vapor Inventors

With The Gadgetman Groove, that can never happen.


When you sign on to learn this technology, you are agreeing
this is the Most Right Thing to do..


The Training Package is Non-Refundable.
(How can you return knowledge?) 





PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   …to read and study all training materials.

(OVER 25,000 words and NINE YEARS in development!)



PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   to join and post on the Groovy Forums. 

(An AMAZING resource for ANYTHING fuel-efficiency related!)


PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   …to use this technology ONLY on your own engines,

PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   …to NOT CHARGE FOR YOUR WORK when

you do The Groove for your Family and Friends.

Over-reaching your authority as a
Personal License Holder
is NOT a good idea!


Once you’ve shown your ability


PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   …to follow instructions,
PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   …to share your experience on The Forums
  PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426 …to ASK FOR HELP when you need it
PNGPIX COM Arrow PNG Image 500x426   …and to keep your promises,
I will work with you PERSONALLY
to teach you how to turn Grooving
into a Part-Time Income!


Anyway, if all that’s cool with you,

I’ll close by saying…


Welcome to Gadgetman Land!

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ron hatton developer of

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